27 February 2013

How to run get started, if normal link doesn't work.

Solution for Windows folks as Unix people knows everything anyway,so they don't need this,

Assuming ,that everything works*

*  for example : if links doesn't work after your restart computer,then this solution will not help,because you get into big troubles and you are quite likely doomed.

link looks like:

Oracle somethings do not set port during install and then you will see weird link like
http://localhost: %HTTPPORT% /apex/f?p=4950

if you see %HTTPPORT% ,then simply  swap  with 8080 and try again.

If doesn't work ,then this general structure


  [localhost] - name of your computer , localhost(usually) or ip address ( or check using normal command line and type:  ipconfig  (IPv4 Address shows your ip ).

  [port] - by default is 8080,but if you changed ,then you need find port.

login to sql (using sqlplus from command line or oracle's command line)
SELECT dbms_xdb.gethttpport FROM dual;

it will display which port is used.

f?p=4950   This is optional, you don't really need this,but i added as it is in orginal link. ( http://localhost:8080/apex  or will works too) 

if link still doesn't work,then run normal command line (cmd) and type:
netstat -na | findstr :8080

8080 or  other port number depends on result of  SELECT dbms_xdb.gethttpport FROM dual; 

if you see:
TCP [::]:8080 [::]:0 LISTENING

then localhost, port are incorrect or you made a typo.
if you don't see,then you have problem with database.(it can be a lots of reasons).