25 November 2012

Android development crusade part 13 : Doms learn chinese: word game v0.2

Second release (v0.2) of my chinese game is out.
  • I add some words (It covers now all words from book that i am learning from plus plenty extra words)
  • I  added "random event" that will add good/bad stuff to user (so if event appear ,then user can regenerate his health points(hp) , regenerate his mana , receive some points, be teleport to next level with big bonus,  be poisoned , lost all mana .  I will add more in future. Spell used by use will be appear appear as new spel  will be ava
I added combo system.

Most of these changes is for testing purpose to see how they works .They are very unbalanced at the moment.(I left balance for 0.8 release)

In next release v0.3  . I will work now on Radicals test ,to check

Current stats for my "Doms learn chinese:free game"
  •  "learn chinese"  is on 2nd page,when you search for learn chinese game
  •  "learn chinese"  is on 13 page when you search for learn chinese