27 August 2012

Android development crusade part 5: v1.4 work in progress

Android development crusade

Part 5: WIFI is pain in the arse.

I am happy with version 1.3. It seems sensors works .
I still don't know,is few sensor works or not ,but no news about that is a good news.

In v1.4 trying to focus on 1 feature (battery info) and new version of tabs (Android 4 like)

Battery info was easy . I managed to implement this quickly as is many examples online.

Tabs and fragments are quite easy to implement if you using Android 4 and above.
However , i want new tabs works not only on android 4 but on android 2.x series too and this is a little bit more difficult and i need to  give up temporary as my implementation doesn't work well.I need create

Meanwhile i working on how to implement my wifi test , log cat, better network test and display android log on screen (logcat).

I found way to display log cat on screen.It doesn't do everything what i want and it takes a little bit time,before i manage to do it.

User will have 2 options
-   see current log on screen
-  start/stop service that will be stored in SD card(no save to internal memory) .

I think it will be useful for people who want see what's going on with device.
User will can choose level of logging (error,warn,info)

My network test is rubbish at the moment ,so i tried to improve a little bit.
I added stats,to user can see how much data was sent/received.
I have a planning replace current quick test with test suite that will contains few test  (ping and other must have tool in networking) and give much more informations details .

I working as well to add mobile network information (called telephony info) that will added in future release.it works as long as mobile has range but it crashes randomly when device is out of range.

more news ... coming soon.

Next release : 9.9'2012

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