1 June 2012

Review: Mixzing music player (android)

Mixzing music player free version is a perfect example for beginner developer to see how do not  do free version of ur software.
Adverts prevent u to use internet on slower connection ,because it dowloading lots of them .
Music player used a lot of resourses so it can be challenge for use on low end devices .(i experienced some random crashes of some apps during usingthis music player ).
Home screen is one of the ugliest.
As music player is average as long as in not start getting mental with display ads or play them  ,because then it change to useless nigthmare and ..crash sometimes.

Btw. This program display ads in paid version too (they remove this feature recently ,which works ...usually)
Mark. 0/4  worst program which i installed
+ excellent example for beginner developer how to not make a android free app .
- unstable ,cause progran or os to random crash
- hungry for resources cpu/ram
- worst implementation of ads that cause troubles on slower connection