17 February 2012

How to solve problem with HermesJMS crash when you try choose file ,if you have Git (msysgit) is installed ?

This is bypass solution.It will solve problem but has some side effects

If you have Windows XP SP3 (32bit), JDK  6 (checked on 1.6.0_21  1.6.0_24  , HermesJMS 1.x (checked on 1.13 and 1.14) and Git (checked on 1.7.3) ,then you can belong to bunch of annoyed users, who has big trouble with using HermesJMS which simply crash every time when you need open "Select file/folder" dialog ,like "Open configuration" and etc.
Only what you will see is a a new file hs_err_pid13196.log (number is different every time) with mighty message that "A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:" with lots debug information.
When you go to hermes site,then you will find few threads like:
or JIRA tickets:
where we see that problem  "Won't Fix" and author only said  
Author of program answered: " This looks like a windows/DLL/JVM install issue and is not something I can fix.


So what to do ?

You need to disable a git shell...

1) Open command line interface  (Start/Run , type cmd)
2) Simply go to folder where you install your git folder(default place:) C:\Program Files\Git\git-cheetah (cd  C:\Program Files\Git\git-cheetah )
3) regsvr32 /u git_shell_ext.dll
and.... HermesJMS will works...

Unfortunately ,that means that from now you need  run Git Bash  from menu start (or create shortcut in place where you using git or hand make "right click" using one of many tools to tune windows)