18 January 2012

How to solve problem with error "Ext is not defined" in ExtJS ?

Solution based on : Ext 3.4 (it works 3.x branch for sure,but i  haven't use extjs 4 yet (for various reasons))

New to Extjs ?
Did you start learning ExtJS and you create html file add ext-all.js and you thinkt job done, but ... you see error ...
Ext is not defined

You discover that ext-ALL.js is not ALL what you need do.You need add ext-base.js ...but right one.
You need   ext-base.js  from  /adapter/ext/ext-base.js  (it is in your unzipped extjs folder.) and you need make sure that is first... so ...

add below line as first javascript source:
  <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/ext-base.js"></script>    
ext-all and other funky and juicy bites....

Look here for more details (how to setup your first html file correctly ):