4 November 2011

list of predefined variables that can be used in template for Netbeans

 Solution for Netbeans 6.9, 7.0.x   (It may works in most cases with older and newer versions

 This is list of predefined variables available in templates (based on netbeans.org)

${date} inserts the current date,
    For example: Nov 03, 2011
${encoding} inserts the default encoding
    For example: UTF-8
${name} inserts the name of the file.
    For example:  EclipseSucks
${nameAndExt} inserts the name of the file, together with its extension.
   For example:   EclipseSucks.class
${package} inserts the name of the package where the file is created.
      For example: org.ovh.pastor
${time} inserts the current time, in this format:
      For example: 21:14:11
${user} inserts the user name.
      For example:   Pastor Cmentarny

More information can be found here:
Source: http://platform.netbeans.org/tutorials/nbm-filetemplates.html