21 October 2011

How to clean mess created by rubbish STS after update from 2.7.2 to 2.8.0

Partly solution for STS 2.8.0 as long as you not using maven plugins

if you are about to upgrade STS from 2.7.2 to 2.8.0 during the middle of development ...

This post will be updated soon again,when i found solution for why assembly plugin doesn't work.

NOT POLITE MESSAGE TO  STS (Eclipse) developers:
WARN about issues with updating BEFORE  shit will hit the fan , not AFTER !
Left user with shit is spread across your  project  because or faulty ,  bad-smelly and special needs  IDE.

So... i'm about to write article about NetBeans vs Eclipse and i found another reason to hate Eclipse/STS.Updating this septic tank is usually a painful and nightmare process.

You upgraded your STS from 2.7.2 to 2.8.0 and then you press restart  you received message from Migration Assistant  that maven something  need to be updated ,before you can use  it.

Before i go any further.... if you using maven plugins (like assembly), then install 2.7.2 again. Don't border go through hell until you feel extremely bored.(but is better to Install fresh 2.8.0 and try to run your project)
It is due m2e "Some Maven plugins are recognized as problematic and will produce error markers with a text similar to: maven-dependency-plugin (goals "copy-dependencies","unpack") is not supported by m2e" .Problem is ...they didn't write which plugins are  supported (or not).
 Look to this page for more useless details: http://wiki.eclipse.org/M2E_plugin_execution_not_covered

What to do ?You have 2 options:

I)  You can follow instructions from this link

II) This is my version of instructions (copy,modify by me and paste here )

1)Start  STS
@optional)Switch workspace and choose empty one (it saves your nerves with millions error ,warnings and other garbage in your project
2)Go to the help/About SpringSource Tool Suite and then click on "Installation Details".
3)In the 'Installed Software'  tab select all org.maven.ide.eclipse.* and     org.sonatype.*    :for example:

*  Maven Integration for AJDT (Optional) org.maven.ide.eclipse.ajdt.feature.feature.group
*  Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required) org.maven.ide.eclipse.feature.feature.group
*  Maven Integration for WTP (Optional) org.maven.ide.eclipse.wtp.feature.feature.group
*  Project configurators for commonly used maven plugins (temporary) org.maven.ide.eclipse.temporary.mojos.feature.feature.group
*  Tycho Project Configurators org.sonatype.tycho.m2e.feature.feature.group
[!]  (save in notepad all   
4) press Uninstall
5) press Finish
6) restart STS (by pressing YES)
7)After restart ,go to Help/Dashboard
8)Go to
9) add http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases (then you will ask for name... you can choose  whatever you want for example: crap m2e
10)Press next
11)Press next
12(Tick that you accept licence's bullshit,which you never read anyway)
13)Press finish
14) Restart STS again
15) Switch to your project and you will discover than maven  get mental and wild then Is it ?
List of disaster which i came across and how i solved
a) If your pom.xml generate weird error,then you just need press on pom.xml and select Run As/Maven clean
b) if maven complain about specific module you add them by (go to :Windows/Preferences -> Maven -> Discovery and click "Open Catalog". This will allow you to browse all available m2e project configurators. (check names with what you save in 3)
c)If m2e complain about maven's plugin ... then you are screwed up.(As i am at the moment) and you need Install 2.7.2 again
d)Quickest solution is Install 2.7.2 again.

WARNING:   If you installed again 2,7.2 but you still keeping  2.8.0 , do NOT  run 2.8.0 and project from 2.7.2 ,because it will mess your classpath and something else again!