11 September 2011

Review of "Visual QuickStart Guide CSS3" by Jason Cranford Teague

* Please, keep in mind, that I am NOT an expert, so treat this review as personal opinion rather than as prophecy!

 Jason Cranford Teague
 Visual QuickStart Guide CSS3
Peachpit Press(2011) 

My knowledge about CSS was more than basic and but far not enough to what I need to know at job, so I decided to read book to learn CSS properly.
I start my looking for right book from check “CSS cookbook” published by O’Relly. This book is great as reference book but is not too useful to learn. Next, I saw books “Smashing CSS” published by Willow ,but it was too colourful for me ,then I look to “CSS for web developer” published  by ABook, but it looks like story line rather than book to learn, so I look to book  "Visual QuickStart Guide CSS3" and I saw examples, explanation, info, so it was exactly what I want.
Book is written in simple way; focus on what you should to know. It is  easy to read and learn from this book.
All basic term are well explained and it is very easy to understand, even for international people who do not use English on regular basics.
It lots of explanation, tables and information how well every feature is supported across major browser.
Examples are simple and show what you will achieve if you set something.
After read a book you will know everything what you need to know about CSS and you just need practice with few examples, which you should create by yourself.
Book can be use as reference book as well, because chapter are well designed, so it very easy to find what you look for.
Book contains all information about CSS3, so book will be useful for years.
One of the best written it book, which I read so far.

It is mandatory book for people who want learn CSS.

  Mark: 4/4