21 September 2011

How to switch off full screen in VirtualBox on second screen when mini toolbar disapear ?

Solution for VirtualBox 4.1.2

I am not sure.Is it bug or not,but....
When I move  running Oracle VM window to second screen and press full screen on mini toolbar,then mini toolbar disapear on fullscreen and not appear again,even if you ticked show minitoolbar on fullscreen in Settings/General/Mini Toolbar.  Things worse screen go black and you don't see anything.

Which is a little problem, because is now way to press switch off full screen or you can power off VM.(because from weird  reason you cannot do that in Oracle VM VirtualBox manager)

What to do ??
press Hostkey (by default it is right ctrl) + F

Full screen gone and you can see what you do on VM.

Problem solved.

(it seems like read annoying information message can be useful,unfortunately)