10 August 2011

how to install findbugs in netbeans 7

1)In netbeans go to Tool/Plugins
2)In plugins go to Settings.
3)Press add
4)Add name ... you can choose whatever you want,but if you are not creative ,then take my suggestion (findbugs or /sqe.dev.java.net)
5)Add url http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/sqe/lastStableBuild/artifact/build/full-sqe-updatecenter/updates.xml
6)press OK
7)nd go to avaliable plugins
8)select findbugs (if is not on list then press Reload Catalog button)
9)press install
10)Accept lincence, install all dependecies if needed and then plugin will be installed for you by Netbeans
11)Restart Netbeans

and you can start Enjoy depression caused by bugs found by findbugs.