18 May 2011

How to reverse engineering your oracle database with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Based on solution for version

Let's say that you trying to reverse  engineering your database and you looking through menu and you cannot find anything that will suggest that " connection to your database " and you thinking that.
What to do ?
If you fancy reverse engineering you need:

1) go File/Import/Data Dictionary*

2)Press Add.
3)and then you just need feel your connection details
4)press connection test to be damn sure that everything is aright (and fix issue if you have any)
5)and then press OK and then Next>
6)choose your schema/database and press Next>
6)choose your table(s) in database and have fun ;)

*Data dictionary ??? Someone who was response for GUI in this program should stop eat magic mushoom and imagine that is odd word dictionary.