28 February 2011

Cool plugins for development: Lack of Progress Bar

I found  very interesting plug-in for Eclipse for people who wondering how many hours of their precious time they waste on waiting ages  for Eclipse to complete his jobs in background..

How to install program:
(For Eclipse3.6.1)
1) Go to Help/Install new software...
2) Press  add button
3) Give name
4) Insert this  http://lopb.sourceforge.net/update into Location
5) Select    Lack of Progress Bar (Lopb)  
6) Follow instruction (agree for license which you will not read anyway )
and  enjoy it :).

Lack of progress bar plugin homepage

1 comment:

  1. Dominik,

    I'm very happy that you like the plugin! :-)

    My friends Aaron and Abhishek and I built it.